American Dynamics Launches Discover 700 Series Powered by Pixim Seawolf

Leveraging Pixim Seawolf and optimized to work with American Dynamics Digital Video Recorders (DVRs), the Discover 700 Series cameras boast 690 HTVL effective resolution and the industry's proven best wide dynamic range (WDR). The cameras accurately capture all of the critical details in a scene including highlights, shadows, and everything in between while maintaining image quality and color accuracy.


Featured Distributors of Pixim-Powered Cameras

Pixim-powered cameras are available through our distribution partners. Purchase your Seawolf and Nightwolf cameras from a variety of manufacturers at competitive prices.

Pixim-powered cameras deliver accurate images in real-world scenes, night and day, even under challenging, mixed lighting conditions:


Federal Security Labs
Pegasus CCTV

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